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Senior painting major at Maine College of Art.


Oh ya know, just accidentally posting pictures of my wine to my art blog….. -_-

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Shiny new website!

Hey gang! I have a new site - (how weird is that) but ill still be using this blog to post in-process work. Yay!

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Still very much a work in progress… 

altered book, 6.5”x 10” containing a 2.25”x 3” hand bound book

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So I was doodling…. 

and then I accidently Van Gogh-ed. whoops. 

I know I haven’t been posting lately, but thanks for stickin’ with me! 

Enjoy this doodle I made to put off doing real work

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Body Alienation I

Final series for Figure Painting

Oil on Canvas, embroidery, paper

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Body Alienation II 

Final series for Figure Painting

Oil on Canvas, Embroidery, 30x30

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